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Celebrating new creations, over memorizing outdated facts.

Global Student Reality Versus Stagnation

Currently, with 200 million students globally, approximately every other young person is a student. This statistic, when juxtaposed with the phenomenon of the Great Stagnation, indicates that studying at a university presently does not necessarily generate graduates who significantly contribute to the advancement of humanity.

Innovate Over Memorize

Celebrating new creations, over memorizing outdated facts. Is it surprising? One needs to glance at the remuneration system of the universities, which quickly reveals itself as a massive pyramid scheme. The expectation is for a student to become a professor who, in turn, produces as many professorial students as possible. This seems unsustainable and disheartening. Despite this, we have established a university. Nevertheless, our institution will differ fundamentally from conventional universities, while achieving what these universities initially promised: Education.

Students of the ULTANIO Academy celebrating their creations.

Pyramid Scheme in Education

Concededly, we've substituted one entrenched term for another. The word 'education' originated from the Latin 'educatio', meaning 'a breeding, a bringing up, a rearing'. We've adopted this definition for 'education', placing emphasis on 'shaping' and 'creating'. Currently, the term 'education' is overused, and all modern interpretations of it are faulty. Presently, 'education' primarily signifies the extent to which a person's knowledge aligns with reality.

Education's Lost Essence

We understand that reality is occurring every moment, making knowledge perpetually outdated. The skewed measure that modern education tends to rely upon, due to lack of clarity and vision, is action and creation, which were integral to the original definition of the term. Modernism, and its unruly offspring post-modernism, have successfully distorted and stripped education of its true essence.

Creativity: The New Curriculum

Our university is dedicated to fostering creativity! Our doors are open to everyone worldwide who wishes to create. Whether someone is a professional in a leading position, a budding entrepreneur with a brilliant idea, or a kindergartener practicing art by throwing snowballs at teachers – we welcome you all! Regarding the designation of our proposed institution, we prefer to call our university an "academy" rather than a "university". This is not in compliance with the existing universities or due to semantic burdens. We don't settle for less optimal reasons!

Academy Versus University

Only in the libertarian and more citizen-oriented legal system of the United States can an organization freely call itself a university. In all European countries, once an institution assumes the title "university", it is required to comply with stringent state laws. These laws specifically and unambiguously dictate what can and must be taught. Unfortunately, the curriculum is usually as up-to-date as an antiquated relic, yet it is proudly characterized as academic freedom. However, we always strive to operate well within the existing laws, hence the decision to name ourselves an academy. We aim to establish an academy that embodies a community in the traditional sense.

Community-Centered Academy Launch

A new global hub where educators and students unite to enhance our canon through research and teaching. Our academy places you at the heart of all endeavors, empowering you to generate grander ideas.

Hence, we believe, Plato himself would choose to join the Ultanio Academy today!


Lecture 1: Compounding, Intelligence, Power, and Ideas