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Our Ventures are big ideas that our alliance is working on. These projects are designed to span several decades and aim to realize our vision of a post-culture, a post-nation, and post-humanism. The measurable success of these Ventures is the standard by which all actions of our alliance are measured.

Ventures are an important part of our Protocol and can be found in the Principle of Ventures.

  • HautePrinture - At ULTANIO HautePrinture, we combine the artistry of fashion, interior design, architecture with cutting-edge technology and algorithmic innovation to turn beautiful designs into reality. Our Vision is to foster a new creative culture where playfulness, and imagination are celebrated values.
  • BetterReads - ULTANIO BetterReads is a recommendation platform that connects readers with the perfect book for them at a given moment and that fosters a community of avid readers.
  • ZeroLabs - ULTANIO ZeroLabs is innovating at the nexus of Cryptography and Algorithmic Governance for robust Zero Trust solutions.
  • Cognos - Algorithmic Meritocratic Governance Protocol.
  • Artletic - The intersection of Athletic and Art.
  • Mind - Algorithmic Creativity.